Assignment 1: Response to Tutor Comments

I am very encouraged by Pauline’s comments: a strong start to the course, demonstrates a lot of work has gone into the assignment with material covered in photographic studies proving a helpful undertaking in the course.

Some notes from the feedback: 

Introduction interesting and well expressed – being able to see how we react to different facets in artworks such as form and subject matter and how they can be analysed separately before being combined to underpin the overall effect is important. Often, what can be seen is described in the literal sense rather that what a work might mean.

The presentation of ‘Momentum’ disrupts the flatness of the screen – not against a wall and able to be viewed from both sides. The lack of a clear start and send disrupts the linear narrative of traditional film as does slippage in synchronisation which disrupts expectations of time. Although the piece is meant to be of a practice there is a fake quality that adds unreality: the dancer’s clothes and wigs, there is no mirror, no one appears to be leading them. As an audience, we expect a performance but are denied this. Although the autobiographical inspiration is interesting we are unable to deduce this from the piece alone which shows a falseness, a simulacrum of dancing rather than the real thing.

‘Mariner 9’ – Pauline describes this as a Romantic painting brought into the twenty-first century: “Lush, large-scale and totally immersive.” Yet both hyperreal and alien, real yet false. There is a similarity with Turner in the scale used in his largest works.

‘Hunger’ – how the film could be read in relation to the knowledge of Steve McQueen as a maker of art videos and how an audience may react respond to the mix of pace, dialogue and silence is noted.

Two books on video/installation art are recommended:

Michael Rush: Video Art

Claire Bishop: Installation Art

Pauline concludes with detailed notes about my blog, it is particularly reassuring to know that my self-reflection is on the right side of navel gazing! It is also good to know that my blog is demonstrating a grasp of the key ideas covered in the course despite my fear that I may not be. I am very impressed by how detailed Pauline’s feedback is and by the way she clearly expresses her points – a skill I hope to develop through the course. I feel spurred on to the next part of the course comfortable in the reassurance that what I am doing is on the right lines.